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We have done system restore twice now but every time it updates this happens.In the same time it sees the other wireless connections it the list.Right-click the wireless Icon by the clock and set your network as the preferred.Cortana will not connect to the internet when I use voice commands.You need to have a router, modem or access point configured properly, you must have a working Wifi adapter on the laptop, and you need to have passwords to any security the gateway device might be running.

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With the right Blu-ray player you can stream video from services.I have a Compaq Presario C700 laptop running Vista with wireless adaptor buitl in (Atheros).Hey My laptop works fine and the monitor does too but when I try to connect to the internet it tries to identify the connection through a Ethernet cable but when its done identifying it said unidentified network no internet access.If the WiFi is turned on in hardware, it could also be turned off in software.Restart the PC and check to see if the Internet connection is working.Please post in our forums as this could take a while to troubleshoot and that is a better venue.

Navigate to the Control Panel and look for the Network Connections icon.Also, maybe try relocating your router to get a better signal.

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The status image shows bars and a little blue circle on top of the bars.

Blu-ray players are one of the many devices that bring Internet to your home entertainment center.Steve, have you tried unplugging the modem and router, then plugging them back in.If you can see other routers in your neighborhood, but not your own.But, there is a problem with the signal strength varies from High to low and my computer.

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The laptop is (and another desktop) are connected through the network cable.

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Power down the laptop, unplug the router and modem, then slowly power each up in reverse order.

My daughter with her mac-book also cannot find this connection but could to see the other W-Fi.

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No Internet connection or access after upgrading to Windows 10.Now i am not able to connect to the internet with the cable, but my wireless is still working fine.It connects to the wireless network, but there is no Internet.

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You will likely find two adapters in there, one for the wired and one for the wireless.

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If you still cannot connect to the Internet and have confirmed the router and laptop are setup properly, you can try bypassing the router and plug directly into the modem (if they are separate).While there is no reason why anything should have changed, something has.

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You will need to enable wireless, configure it as a DHCP server so it gives your laptop an IP address and you will want to change the default login and password, as well as set up WPA-2 wireless encryption.Whatever port I plug into, the netgear router port just flashes franticly.We have a wireless router in the house, which I can connect to, however, there is NO internet access.I would check the Netgear router setup to make sure it is broadcasting its SSID.

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The wireless connection is still working fine on my personal laptop.

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After several days of searching the internet (no answer), I found out.

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Steve, try plugging directly into the modem and reboot the computer.Internet works well as check with several other devices and ok.Two days ago, started having issues with the laptop not connecting.