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I logged onto this forum and tried everything everyone was saying to try (except throwing the computer against a brick wall).I have windows vista, which works fine, but in the past month, it only sporadically connects.When you first connect to a network, vista wants you to set a location home, work, public - make sure you choose work as long as work has been chosen from what i have seen it does help from this problem to even arise.My internet will only work through ethernet cable not wireless. Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:. when I tried to connect to the internet,...My husband also connects to our internet service via the wireless router and he has no problems what-so-ever.

I had this problem (local access only) tried everything. No sucess.I have the same problem that many vista users are complaning about all over the interweb.

Is it possible to force PPTP VPN tunnel as the only

Not all Vista laptops in the same domain are experiencing the same problem.The connection drops every minute to local only. and then gets established to local and internet.

Sporadically it would work, then stop working, then work, then stop.The problem on local only access was resolved by following your suggested solution.There is one other thing I want to mention, in case someone else reading this has the same problem.The driver that HP claims is the latest version for the Atheros AT5007 is not.Now fixed however by getting a new wireless network card (in fact I disabled and uninstalled the one in the laptop and plugged in a USB BELKIN G that is clearly designed to work with the BELKIN G wireless router).

Ubuntu. Two network interfaces only one for Internet the

Enter in IP address of router, for the last numerics insert a different number, e.g. if router access address is enter as the IP address, submask will auto fill (if have other computers accessing router use 21, 22, 23 etc).The next step is to type the bold letters verbatim to the following.I have some input into this as little as it may be, check your network adapter in device manager.

I had the same issues, tried all the stuff but nothing helped until I stumbled over the following Technet Article.I have been a loyal customer of Microsoft products for 20 years.Im starting to consider downgrading to XP which always is my last resort.Hopefully someone will find a solution (maybe even Microsoft).

On my end, I can drive to town and connect quickly in the parking lot of the local hotel, or go to any of the coffee shops, etc. that offer WIFI.After spending hours, and days, and weeks, months, trying all the suggestions.I tried almost everything on this page over several days and nothing helped.I have been managing using hibernate, it seems to maintain the wireless connection after hibernate.If I try to make a connection to a website, it comes back to life and I have Internet Access again.

If still not working, try to follow above reply to run Norton Remove Tool 4. Restart 5.This will ensure your router will keep you connected with this IP address and not change it on you at any point.Only after new BIOS and new Wi-FI-card driver were published and installed the problem was solved.When using the schools network I get a private IP, local connection only with the computer in the taskbar without the globe does anyone or microsoft have any definate fixes for this yet.

One last thing--consider updating the driver for your wireless network card.Side note: Maybe the same with every other routers, to set it up we have to connect the router with the internet modem, and the laptop with the wireless router.Other computers also known to share this connection are another desktop running Xp pro and a laptop running Xp home.About 2 wks or so, my company changed it and gave me the password.

Went for usual suspect, Norton, uninstalled first with built in uninstaller then Norton uninstaller program.Not with Firefox and not with IE Ping would work tracert would work nslookup would work.But fortunately I discussed this problem with my friend Hardik (IT Admin, Indusa Infotech Pvt. Ltd.) and he told me to do few settings which led me to have successfully connection to internet with my wireless router.The following procedure describes how to change a registry setting that prevents NCSI from communicating across the Internet.

one laptop cannot connect to internet on wifi, local only

I was very wary of buying this laptop since it came with Vista.You need to edit the registry - the prolem is the stack in this VISTA.I then tried Microsoft OneCare AV and that solved the problem.

I came across something else not yet mentioned here that may or may not help those of you with this specific problem.The problem for whatever reason was the originally installed Norton 360 which had been expired for quite some time.

Hello, just bought a new laptop this week that came with vista basic.This is a serious oversight on their part and the entire QA department should be fired for this release.Microsoft has already acknowledged that this problem exists, and has attempted to solve at least one source of the problem through the knowledgebase article described earlier.My notebook would come back online local and internet after being in local only for hours for no apparent reason and then just drop off and back into local only for no reason and there was no certain way to get it back online.Hence devices on the network which need a valid MAC address were rejecting packets, e.g. the router.Now There are some routers in the market which have a built in modem. Eg 2Wire.Fix network connection issues in Windows 10 Email. as well as fix problems where you can connect to the Internet but not to shared network drives.I didnt buy my NB to always have to get a wire from my switch to my laptop.

"Local Area Connection A network cable is unplugged

I also disabled (unchecked) the IPv6 protocol in the connection settings.Then I set up a DHCP server on my Windows 2003 Server and again, disabled DHCP in the Siemens box.I have already had to restore my computer back to factory setting three times which works for a few months and then all of a sudden it stops working again.During this scan session, the internet was completely inaccessible.My brother is visiting me, and i am trying to connect his computer to my router (wireless), i got connected but access says local Only.I do NOT know anything about the site mentioned ATHEROS drivers for Microsoft Windows However, a number of forum members have now successfully used the site to update the driver.I had tried every suggestion in this thread and more to no avail I installed hotfixes etc. still dident work.The interesting thing is it is Vista with this issue, and nothing on the page has worked for me, other than after the new lease time has started is to leave.Do you fix the problems that seem to be imperiling its success, or do you fast-foward to the next iteration of the same product and hope it catches fire.