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HIGHEST will always get the very highest priority (use sparingly) and CLASS-E (labeled as E) is the lowest-priority class.Then enter about 90% of the tested upstream (upload) bandwidth into the Max Bandwidth field.A tunnel initiated on the server side will then go back through the client machine.Controls advanced settings for the connection over the Wireless Local Area Network.DD-WRT is a firmware that enables repeater bridge mode and it can be installed on many wifi routers that follow a Broadcom or Atheros chip reference design.The main difference is that the router handles DHCP and IP addresses for both routers.This means that changes are temporary, and will not persist beyond the next reboot of the router.

In contrast, wireless repeater mode is akin to wireless client mode,.Events Logged: Allow you to specify what types of events you want logged.Excluded Interfaces: Comma separated list of Interfaces to exclude from the 24 Hours and Real Time Bandwidth pages of the Tomato UI. ( Example: vlan0,vlan1,eth0 will leave focus on the wireless LAN interface.) This has no appreciable effect on size of the history backup file being saved.How often the router connects to a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server to update its internal clock.

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In other words, use an address that starts with the same three numbers (default 192.168.1. x ) as your router, but has a fourth number that is not likely to be assigned to any clients by the normal DHCP settings.

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Time: Drop-down menu to select Execution Time(24-hour format) in 15 minute increments, or to repeat every 1, 3, 5, 15, 30 minutes, 1, 12 or 24 hours, or every user-selectable number of minutes.This allows you to limit the overall amount of data coming in to your router, and allocate maximum percentages of that bandwidth for each QoS service.

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The bridge merely connects the two networks and enables wired clients to connect to their LAN ports.Set time, computer, site, and protocol based bans on Internet access.WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is the oldest Wi-Fi security framework which some older devices only support it.Shows 5 dialogs permitting scheduled actions to be enabled, and their day and time of execution selected.

Under certain circumstances, this setting is useful, but is a very inefficient way to control inbound data.WAN Port Speed specifies the speed and duplex setting for the WAN interface port.TomatoUSB Firmware (Wireless Ethernet Bridge mode.) Tomato USB What is it.Casual scans will not be able to find the router, but anyone running sniffing software can easily find it.Tabs at the top allow selection of the various interfaces for detail on the bandwidth for that interface.The Device List Provides a list of the current devices that have been assigned an IP address by the DHCP server.Keeping this too low may eventually result in running out of entries.

First Day Of The Month: Used to align the monthly data to the same accounting cycle that your ISP uses.The scheduler GUI has some limitation, can not generate arbitrary crontabs.All services use the same password, which is changed at the bottom of this page.

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Disabled means all connections are unencrypted and anyone can read traffic.NVRAM Commit: Commits all current settings to NVRAM, such that they survive rebooting.They would never take advantage of higher speeds when available.

If you have the DHCP server set to assign IP addresses in the range of to, for example, good choices for Static DHCP assignments would be either in the - range, or - Burst: Enables frame burst mode which increases throughput, but is only recommended for 1-3 wireless clients.The default unit is GB (Gigabytes), but can be changed to MB or KB.Simply click on any of the classes to view the list of specific connections for that class.CTS Protection Mode: When set to Auto, enables a mode which ensures 802.11b devices can connect when many 802.11g devices are present.

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Run before unmounting: Enter command-line statements to be executed when a USB storage device is removed.

The goal is to connect to the Personal Hotspot in Client Wireless mode.Often this is the only way for applications on a client machine to obtain a connection to the remote server.

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The Overview screen shows information on the current state of the router.