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These are the topics Facebook thinks you care about, and in part what it bases the ads it shows you on.When it comes to protecting your FaceBook account, the best defense is a strong one.Learn about changing your privacy settings on Facebook, so that what you post will only be seen by who you want to see it.

Facebook took time today to make a. labyrinthine settings menus.Use Friend Lists Friend lists are a great way to gain further control over who sees your information.Manage Applications and Outside Data Once you have your info protected from other people on Facebook, the next step is to limit the stream of information that goes to authorized applications, search engines, and advertisers.

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This video explains how to change your Facebook security settings.Facebook security settings have numerous areas you can review or change.

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While there is no perfect solution, you can change your Facebook security.

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For the last two years, Facebook has used this information to serve up ads to Facebook users all over the web, through its Facebook Audience Network.

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It just happens to be connected to someone else through you posting it on their Wall (actually, both.Business pages come with default security settings that make the.Facebook is making its infamously confusing privacy settings a little more clear.

Facebook, as you might have guessed, knows lots of things about people who are on Facebook based on what they like, what they click, and so on.Kim Komando has five Facebook privacy settings you should change now.Only the people on that list will see the post in their News Feeds.Remember that if you disable Platform, other websites and apps that require Facebook logins may not work anymore.To create a Friends List, you cannot use the mobile app, so open up the Facebook website on your computer.To view or change your security settings, you use the Global Security Settings panel.Select one of these to be given the same prompts as the website.Essentially, this is a simple walkthrough designed to make understanding your settings a little easier, in an attempt to demystify how your info gets shared.

You can choose to post to Public, Friends, Friends Except Acquaintances or custom lists.

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The features of Facebook Login such as access tokens and permissions make it safe and secure for people and apps to use, but there are some security.I want to change my security security question got to some one.they try to hack plz help me.

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Facebook users are being encouraged to double-check their privacy settings after the social network introduced an update to its search feature which adds almost 2.

Facebook implemented new account security settings and here is how you can use Facebook add mobile number facebook recovery option.

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Editing Your Settings. Language settings help change the languages you see.How do the privacy settings on the Facebook mobile site impa.Facebook lets businesses create pages to interact with customers and advertise products and services.You can create lists of Family, Good Friends, Work Friends, or College Friends, then choose whether to include or exclude specific groups from certain posts.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the video and I will do my best.

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The Facebook Audience Network has let these preferences follow you around the web, regardless of whether you want them to.

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Until now, when someone joined Facebook, his or her posts were.

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How to Set Your Facebook Privacy Settings. Change Your Profile Picture on Facebook. How to. Disable Facebook Places. How to. Adjust Video Privacy Settings in Skype.In this video I show you how to set all your Facebook profile settings to.