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First off, unless your nam is exceedingly rare, how could Google guarantee the person meant to.

Well, wonder no more because, with Search Alert, now you can know.Kris Norton 11.16.14 Most Popular. 86 Shares Share On Facebook.

Can people tell if you've been on their Facebook page a lot?

Update 2014-Jan-11: SEEMS to be working for Sheets but not Docs.

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I mean you need to take the advantage of those sites that publicize your profile and notify you when someone.How to Know If Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi. If someone is stealing your Internet,.

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It will not tell you when or who is. how do i activate alert that tells me when someone googles my.

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Google will usually tell you when someone has added you to a circle.How to Tell If Someone Googles You Instructions Sign up for an account at You will be required to enter your basic information, such as first and last name.For Adblock Plus on Google Chrome: Click the AdBlock Plus button on your browser and select Enabled on this site.

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I sent out links (read-only) to a number of people and am curious if there is a way to see whether people are actually going out and viewing that document.Strip everything except the URL in the IMG tag, it looks like this.

Now Google Docs Presentation seems to retrieve image-by-URL once upon inserting, and therefore no web site tracking tools work anymore.

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Can someone find out that you've been searching them?

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