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I have a 50MB internet connection from Comcast, but I only

I hope to use the new computer for viewing movies and using for photography.Our table shows how fast you can download a movie, song, TV show and more.

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Hinton: About 98 percent of the people I work with have Internet from a cable provider.I have a 50MB internet connection from Comcast, but I only get 10MB-20MB when I use my Dlink N300 wireless router.Depends on how much WiFi range your router can reach, I currently have 15mbps and I have around 7 devices, the connection is pretty slow.On the second floor there will be 3 tvs: 1 with an apple tv (netflix), 2 with amazon fire sticks (netflix).

If on average two devices are in use, other than your phones, then I would recommend 25 would be safe.What speed is the best and should I get 1 0 2 modem that will enable me to be wireless.Back in 2011 my internet speed was only 786 kgbs and I had no problems using my kindle.I do not have a computer in my home therefore I do not have Wi-Fi I have a Samsung s6 phone and I would like to mirror to my TV what is the best way.

Besides going through a cable provider, do any Wi-Fi options exist.So if you always have people online same time I might try looking into maybe finding a ISP with more than 50MBps.

I have 100 mbps with my cable company and U-Verse says

Enjoy blazing fast Internet speeds up to 100 Mbps with CenturyLink High Speed Internet.

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Three are smartphones and can use a considerable amount of data.He uses an Xbox that is connected to the router and I laptop that uses the wifi.My friends are amazed, since I have all the capabilities of a much pricier plan.After downloading the meta data (for lack of a better word) I received several network errors before it began buffering, it took me me 8 minutes before it even started buffering.

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For online gaming or video streaming, choose a speed over 12 Mbps.Hopefully the email provider has the COMPRESS extension for IMAP (like gmail does), and websites are using SPDY or HTTP compression.Just use the phone normally and see how it adds up over a month.

When it comes to the Internet, wires are like tan lines: Some people prefer not to have them.That took another two errors and five minutes to load. I got a 0.04Mbs download.

You could also have other alerts to warn you at 50 MB and 75 MB.So she was able to rack up a ton of data charges.) But I am confident that next month I will be able to keep the data usage under 500MB.I would greatly appreciate some advice on speed and type of modem to purchase when no other mediums will be used in the house.In the attic there will be an Xbox One (mainly gaming and netflix and will be connected through ethernet), smart tv, and smaller mobile devices being used.

Three Mbps is the starting point of DSL Internet, and it goes on up from there to high-speed Internet.You need 60Mbps get a second router place it on the floor that has the worst problem. of course not on the same floor as the other one.This is my second month with Ting and I have 4 phones on the plan.While I generally agree with you, in the past when signals have been marginal, I have needed to torn off 3G data to stop the phone from trying 3G and consuming the battery.Hi, what does it actually mean to have a 100Mb link as opposed to a 1000Mb link and what difference does it make to the transfer of Data.I have their basic Internet service and. suck data down as fast as it can to fill the.Bandwidth is key when it comes to speed and reliability, I currently have Charter Internet running at 55 Mbps with 2 smart TVS 1 laptop 5 cell phone devices and 2 Wifi HD Cameras.

I would talk to some neighbors or family members in your area that use a similar number of devices and see what kind of service and package they use.Wi-Fi hotspot creation is an option if you have a phone with 4G connectivity.Grabbed another Youtube vid (gangnam) to compare 1080 and 360.Compressed as a group, 271KiB - server would prob be somewhere between those two (repetitive headers as the spec mentions and such), so, text or html e-mails are prob more like 300 for a megabyte.

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Grabbing a quick 100 e-mails from my maildir, seems that they are 1.4MiB pre-compression.As long as you are aware of what you are looking at on Facebook then you really can keep your data usage down.

If I am out and there is no Wi-Fi, and I need something like checking mail, GPS Navigation, news fix updating the New York Times, checking MLB baseball scores, then I turn on data for a little while.

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If using any more devices than that at a time I would go higher.I find that I can spend 20-30 lite surf time (email, FB, personal apps) and only use 2-4 mb of data.I have 2 phones, 1 laptop, 2 Amazon fire sticks, 1 chromecast and 100 mbps and using Hulu and I still have problems loading the Hulu videos.

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