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I have compared the certifcate from the bad machines with that of the good machine.The problem is related with NAT-T and how Microsoft handles traffic between the Client and the Server.

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Also the part of this guide about NAT-T maybe helpful to other Windows 7 users behind NAT,.

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With this way you might define a custome certificate request, that you will post at your CA and you can install on your Client.

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Announces it to its neighbours on the local private network via OSPF.This is typically caused by the use of an incorrect or expired certificate for authentication between the client and the server.Since NAT-T is an IETF draft, it helps when using multivendor devices if the other vendor implements this standard.Article ID: 4990 Configuration of an IPSec VPN Server on RV130 and RV130W Objective.Phase 1 will use 500, detect NAT using NAT-T and then udp port 4500.

To fix this, when you get to page 32 of the Application Note, configure a phase 2 custom proposal on the firewall and apply it to the VPN configuration.In addition, PAT devices are unable to map multiple security parameter indexes (SPIs).This UDP port 4500 is used to PAT ESP packet over ipsec unaware NAT device.Corporations implement NAT alone or with a firewall to protect their internal resources.

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NAT Traversal and IPsec Passthrough are two different solutions to tunneling encrypted packets through an NAT-ing device like a firewall.How to set up a Site-to-Site VPN with a 3rd-party remote gateway Rate This. remote peer chooses NAT-T encapsulation but Check Point gateway sends traffic without.

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While buidling up the VPN with the good machine, I can see the Firewall making the match between the certificate of the client and the data stored in the firewall.

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So as long as your base vpn config is correct and your case falls into.Take our survey and automatically be enter to win anyone of the following.

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On the outbound side, IPSec encrypts, encapsulates and then applies a UDP header (if so configured).

Configuration of an IPSec VPN Server on RV130 and RV130W

Notably missing from the new interface is a Start button and Start Menu.The configured port number is then passed to the VPN Client transparently when the VPN Client connects.

Another Ubiquiti beginner here, looking for a bit of help setting up a L2TP Ipsec VPN.Configuring NAT Transparent Mode for IPSec on the VPN 3000 Concentrator.Click the IPSec tab, check IPSec through NAT and configure the IPSec through NAT UDP Port.Applies To: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2. or a third-party router that supports NAT-T.Cisco VPN 3000 Client and Concentrator Release 3.6.1 and later for NAT-T.

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