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The standard ports are 6881-6889 TCP, but the protocol can be run on any.

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Submitted by site.editor. but apparently Vista and Windows 7 grabs some of those ports in between.First question: If the port is closed, how have I been getting any speed at all.This article is intended to help those who have followed the instructions for fowarding their ports on portforward.com but still find that their port refuses to open up.

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Increase Download Speed of a BitTorrent Client Use the Correct BitTorrent Port to Increase the Speed of Torrent Traffic Share Pin.If your uTorrent Listening Port does not test open, then this is the.

The most common reason for programming port forwarding is to improve the speed of BitTorrent downloads,.

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BitTorrent is a protocol ( BitTorrent Protocol Specification v1.0) created by Bram Cohen derived from the Gnutella concept, but primarily designed to distribute large.This video will show u how to find ports for torrent. this is for people who have trouble finding their ports. i guaranty that this will work for sure. my.

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Thus, passing our tests does not necessary mean that there is no throttling occurring.How to Change the default port in the uTorrent torrent client.Port Forward Your uTorrent Listening Port Why do I need to forward my uTorrent Listening Port.

It has what other BitTorrent clients have, such as scheduling, bandwidth management, and Mainline.BitTorrent is TCP-based, and use a port from the random ports range.