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I was just wondering which race and class combination would be best for a magicka based pvp build.Is khajiit still No.1 spot for stam builds even with the rollback if so then why.My first NB was a Dunmer because I liked the race and wanted to play NB.The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind will get Horns of Reach and Clockwork City additions The Elder Scrolls Online first came out in 2014, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox.

I want a great solo pve class build, emphasis on survivability.I wanna be able to solo anything, but also able to play in groups.They are fine just lack burst that other classes can offer in PvP.I am leaning towards Orsimer now but Imperial certainly has me intrigued.

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I love Dunmer, max mag 9%, fire damage which is everywhere and stamina 6%.

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An epic new Elder Scrolls story 700 years prior to TES III, help Vivec save the world.

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I have settled on playing a Redguard Stamina-based build (but I am not opposed to other options if something else is much better).Ahhhh yes just read that makes sense for when switching to atlas from omega.Do you agree with our assessment of the winning and losing races for each combat role.I do alot of dungeon dives n jump into pvp. also still workin finishin the story.The Elder Scrolls Online has three different factions players can join, the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact.Hi there guys, looking to roll a new char after just getting the game.The following three passives per race each have three ranks, which increase in power as you invest skill points into them.

Read on as we break down the details on the racial options in.Please refer to our main Racial Comparison page for current analysis of the ESO racials.I have heard great things about the Imperial race, but I also like how the high elves look.

Hey I am coming back to elder scrolls now that I realized I can play mmo on the ps4.I am currently working on a pathfinder conversion of the pure awesomeness that is the Elder Scrolls.Do you have any source for the claim that passives will scale with skill level.It all depends on how you want to play it: race depends on if you are going stamina or Magicka build.

I want to focus on Pvp primarily and am having a hard time making a decision on what class to play.Just started playing the game and it seems your the go to guy for ESO.Each race has 4: one that is unlocked by selecting the race, one.

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As of now i have a redgaurd stam dk tank, i run 5 pc master armor n 4pc hist.

Class flexibility and balance are very important to me which is why i have narrowed it down to two races, Dark elf and Imperial.In your opinion is it viable to run a dunmer magika dps templer.If you had a choice between dragonknight, sorcerer or nightblade, which do you think is better all around pvp and pve class.Hey Deltias, I found myself sitting at the character creation screen after watching your videos and reading on your website having a hard time making a decision for a race for a DK tank.I am looking for a magicka dps and heal build, i would like to know what kind of race to choose from: breton or high elf and also would need builds for those.Their extra stealthed damage is an added bonus for melee characters with Health regeneration being useful for any frontline skirmisher.I can play my Argonian templar HEALER much better than most Breton whatever HEALER.

Right now im runnin a redguard stam dk. 5 piece master armor 4 hist bark until i get footmans and engine.For anything I can have exact same stats as you no matter what you think.Now im looking to play all roles (except for healer) and I really cant decide on a race.

You may have noticed that we have not mentioned Bosmer, Argonian, or Imperial with regards to being optimal for a certain role.

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Races are the various forms of Men, Mer, and Beastfolk found throughout Nirn.What race do you think is the best fit for your intended build, and why.One more thing imperial are a basic race for players who are indecisive about their toons and wouldnt exist with out nord support as dps. if you pay attention to the game at all its the imperials home that has been conquered.If not id prefer to know now before I invest many more hours into developing my character.Love your class and race guides, but I have a question and you may have answered it already, sorry if you have.

Has the relaxation of alliance locks changed your mind at all about what race you may play, or will you be sticking to a race that is native to your political alliance.It took a long time to get it where I love it and getting into the vet ranks it can drop em like flies Bc I have all the good things others do with all the choices I have but like I said it took a loooong time.Only the first rank of the first passive will be available to you starting at level 5.

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The Imperials are the tenth race who are currently only available if.If they get points like others or AP I believe it was called, then it might be worthwhile to play one.